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--- ---
title: "Causality in Heavy-Tailed Data" title: "A bookdown template for sfs"
author: "Nicola Gnecco" author: "Nicola Gnecco and Lorenz Walthert"
date: "Summer 2018" date: "April 2018"
submission_date: "August 1th 2018" submission_date: "August 1th 2018"
adviser: "Prof. Dr. Nicolai Meinshausen" adviser: "Prof. Dr. Nicolai Meinshausen"
coadviser: coadviser:
output: output:
bookdown::pdf_book: bookdown::pdf_book:
template: tex/MasterThesisSfS.tex template: tex/MasterThesisSfS.tex
keep_tex: yes keep_tex: yes
...@@ -25,3 +27,10 @@ lot: no ...@@ -25,3 +27,10 @@ lot: no
lof: no lof: no
site: bookdown::bookdown_site site: bookdown::bookdown_site
--- ---
[comment]: <> (You'd usually put a preface here and get rid of the warning:
Warning message:
In split_chapters(output, gitbook_page, number_sections, split_by, :
You have 8 Rmd input file(s) but only 7 first-level heading(s). Did you
forget first-level headings in certain Rmd files?
\ No newline at end of file
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