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init teamtools

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# .Rprofile generated from teamtools::init_team_repo(). Do not edit by hand
if ("teamtools" %in% utils::installed.packages()[, "Package"]) {
cli::cat_bullet("Sourcing .Rprofile from team root.",
bullet = "tick", col = "green"
team_root_rprof <- file.path(teamtools::find_team_root(), ".rprofile")
if (!file.exists(team_root_rprof)) {
writeLines("", team_root_rprof)
} else {
} else {
message("Please install teamtools with remotes::install_github('lorenzwalthert/teamtools')")
This repo contains material related to the thesis document ("the thesis"), which will serve as the primary entry point to all work conducted in the master thesis project.
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