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more details on subdir input

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......@@ -30,7 +30,11 @@ In a nutshell, bookdown works as follows:
The basic workflow is as follows:
* Change a source file: In our template, the source of the body of the thesis
is under `./rmd/`. For example, change `02-features.Rmd`
is under `./rmd/`. For example, change `02-features.Rmd`. To make sure only
files from this directory are used, get the devel versio of bookdown and
add a corresponding confirugartion
(for details, see
* Re-compile the book using Cmd + Shift + B (for build) on a Mac and Ctrl +
Shift + B on Windows / Linux.
* You can customize the build in the RStudio Build Tab, where you can specify
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