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# Introduction and literature review
*Introduction and aim of study*
**Introduction and aim of study**
**Language of reproducibility** This could be moved to something like appendix, not sure.
......@@ -47,7 +47,9 @@ This phenomenon has been dubbed the *replication crisis*.
- multiple testing
- p-hacking
- harking
- heterogeneity of effect
- publication bias
@maxwell2015 what does failure to replicate really mean?
@maxwell2015 hypothesize that the so called failures to replicate in a setting where we only seek to find evidence against the null may only be due to a lack of power in the replication studies. Advocate for two things: First, quantify evidence for null hypothesis, not simply accepting the null due to lack of evidence against it (bayes factor). Second, power the studies in such a way to reject the null hypothesis, but also to provide conclusive evidence whether original effect size is the same as the replication effect size.
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