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# Company profiles HowTo
## Add/update a company profile
1. Add/update the company information in the file `./data/companies.js` with the structure below.
2. Add the text for the company profile to the folder `./markdown/`. Name the file like `<company-id>.<language-code>.md`.
3. Add the company logo to the folder `./logos`. Import the file on the top of the file `./data/companies.js` and reference it at the key `logo`.
<company-id>: {
name: 'ABB Schweiz AG',
logo: <logo-reference>,
address: ['ABB Schweiz AG', 'Herr Marcel Winkelmann', 'Brown Boveri Strasse 6', '5400 Baden'],
email: '',
website: '',
employees: {
worldwide: 145000,
Switzerland: 6800,
### Notes
* `<company-id>` can contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, `-` and `_`.
* `<language-code>` is a two letter code, e.g. `en`, `de`.
* In order to add another country in the section `employees`, the website maintainer has to add the language key `companies.employees_<country-key>`, where `<country-key>` is e.g. `Switzerland`.
## Remove a company profile
1. Remove the section/key (`<company-id>`) in the file `./data/companies.js`.
2. Remove the files `./markdown/<company-id>`
3. Remove the logo from the folder `./logos/`.
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