Commit e938c604 authored by sfritschi's avatar sfritschi
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Changed job submission

parent 2a0456c1
bsub -n 48 -W 00:10 -R fullnode mpirun -n 24 --report-bindings python3
bsub -n 48 -W 00:10 -R fullnode mpirun -n 48 --report-bindings python3
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ def main():
solver=netflow.Solver.PETSC, mu=1e-3)
pressuresA, fluxesA = netflow.solve_flow_inout(network=basenet, pin=1e4, \
pout=0.0, inpores=inpores, outpores=outpores, \
solver=netflow.Solver.ILU, mu=1e-3)
solver=netflow.Solver.AMG, mu=1e-3)
# Post-processing on root only
if (rank == root):
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