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......@@ -27,18 +27,13 @@ The following is an list of all CMSIS components that are available.
|[Zone]( | All Cortex-M | Defines methods to describe system resources and to partition these resources into multiple projects and execution areas. |
## Implemented Enhancements
- CMSIS-Core-A, RTX5: implementation for Cortex-A5/A7/A9
- Support for Armv8-M Architecture (Mainline and Baseline) as well as devices Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33
- CMSIS-RTOS2: RTX 5 is now available for IAR, GCC, Arm Compiler 5, Arm Compiler 6
- CMSIS-RTOS2: FreeRTOS adoption (release) is available
- CMSIS-NN: Bare metal Neural Network function library.
- CMSIS-DAP v2: with WinUSB for faster communication and separate pipe for SWO support
- Config Wizard extension: access enum’s for configuration information
- CMSIS-Pack generation with [shell script template]( for Windows and Linux
- CMSIS-Pack: [Git workflow]( via Eclipse menu *Window - Perferences - CMSIS Packs - Manage Local Repositories* and [MDK](
- CMSIS-Pack: [Flash algorithm via debugger]( as some TurstZone enable devices cannot execute RAM.
- [CMSIS-Zone release 1.0]( with support for multi-processor, TrustZone, and MPU configuration
- Support for Armv8.1M Architecture and Cortex-M55 (release in March 2020)
- CMSIS-DSP is fully ported to SIMD for Cortex-M family (Armv8.1-M) and Cortex-A & Cortex-R with NEON, using the same APIs.
## Further Planned Enhancements
- CMSIS-Zone: resource management for multi-core and access protection - [see here for pre-release](
- CMSIS-Pack:
- System Description SDF Format: describe more complex debug topologies than with a Debug Description in a tool agnostic way
- CPDSC project file format: allows project templates that are agnostic of an IDE
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