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## What's Hot
- CMSIS-RTOS2: RTX 5 is now available for IAR, GCC, Arm Compiler 5, Arm Compiler 6
- CMSIS-RTOS2: FreeRTOS adoption (release) is available
- CMSIS-RTOS2: RTX5 available for Cortex-A
- CMSIS-Core: compiler agnostic features extended to simplify transition on LLVM based front-end
- CMSIS-Core-A: preview of the CMSIS-Core for Cortex-A
- Coming soon: CMSIS-RTOS2 for Cortex-A
- CMSIS-Core-A: CMSIS-Core for Cortex-A
## Implemented Enhancements
- Support for Armv8-M Architecture (Mainline and Baseline) as well as devices Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33
......@@ -24,8 +24,6 @@ A [pre-built documentation]( i
- CMSIS-RTOS API Secure and Non-Secure support, multi-processor support
## Further Planned Enhancements
- CMSIS-Core-A: Cortex-A processor support
- CMSIS-RTOS: RTX5 for Cortex-A
- CMSIS-DAP: extended trace support
- CMSIS-Zone: management of complex system
- Improvements for Cortex-A / M hybrid devices (focus on Cortex-M interaction)
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