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* Added a list of issue labels to the README which describes their meanings.

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......@@ -69,3 +69,38 @@ ARM CMSIS is licensed under Apache-2.0.
## Contributions and Pull Requests
Contributions are accepted under Apache-2.0. Only submit contributions where you have authored all of the code.
###Issues and Labels
Please feel free to raise an [issue on GitHub](
to report misbehaviour (i.e. bugs) or start discussions about enhancements. This
is your best way to interact directly with the maintainance team and the community.
We encourage you to append implementation suggestions as this helps to decrease the
workload of the very limited maintainance team.
We will be monitoring and responding to issues as best we can.
Please attempt to avoid filing duplicates of open or closed items when possible.
In the spirit of openness we will be tagging issues with the following:
- **bug** – We consider this issue to be a bug that will be investigated.
- **wontfix** - We appriciate this issue but decided not to change the current behaviour.
- **enhancement** – Denotes something that will be implemented soon.
- **future** - Denotes something not yet schedule for implementation.
- **out-of-scope** - We consider this issue loosely related to CMSIS. It might by implemented outside of CMSIS. Let us know about your work.
- **question** – We have further questions to this issue. Please review and provide feedback.
- **documentation** - This issue is a documentation flaw that will be improved in future.
- **review** - This issue is under review. Please be patient.
- **DONE** - We consider this issue as resolved - please review and close it. In case of no further activity this issues will be closed after a week.
- **duplicate** - This issue is already addressed elsewhere, see comment with provided references.
- **Important Information** - We provide essential informations regarding planned or resolved major enhancements.
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