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Corrections to U1 and U2

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......@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ Beschreibt, wie sehr ein Atom Elektronen zu sich zieht. Sauerstoff und Fluor sin
1n,2y,3n,4y,5n,6y,7y,8n,9y,10y,11y,12y,13n,14n, 15y, 16y %please correct/verify this
1n,2y,3n,4y,5n,6y,7y,8n,9y,10y,11y,12y,13n,14y, 15y, 16y %please correct/verify this
......@@ -509,7 +509,7 @@ Lösung: \ref{\ExerciseLabel-Answer}
1) \ce{[He] 2s^2}, 2) \ce{[Ar] 4s^2 3d^2}, 3) \ce{[Kr] 5s^2 4d^10 5p^3}, 4) \ce{[Ar] 4s^2 3d^10 4p^5}, 5) \ce{[Ar] 3d^10}, 6) \ce{[Kr] 5s^2 4d^10}, 7) \ce{[Kr]}, 8) \ce{[Xe] 6s^2 4f^14 5d^6}, 9) \ce{[Ar] 3d^5}, 10) \ce{[Kr] 5s^1 4d^5}, 11) \ce{[Kr] 4d^7}, 12) \ce{[Ar]}, 13) \ce{[Ne] 3s^2 3p^2}, 14) \ce{[Xe] 6s^2 4f^7}, 15) \ce{[Ne]}, 16) \ce{[Ar] 4s^1 3d^5}\par\smallskip
Paramagnetisch: Be, Ti, Sb, Br, \sout{\ce{Zn$^{2+}$}}, \sout{In$^+$}, \sout{\ce{Sr}$^{2+}$}, Os, \ce{Fe$^{3+}$}, Mo, \ce{Ru$^{+}$}, \sout{\ce{Ti$^{4+}$}}, \ce{Si}, \ce{Eu}, \sout{\ce{O$^{2-}$}}, \ce{Cr}
Paramagnetisch: \sout{Be}, Ti, Sb, Br, \sout{\ce{Zn$^{2+}$}}, \sout{In$^+$}, \sout{\ce{Sr}$^{2+}$}, Os, \ce{Fe$^{3+}$}, Mo, \ce{Ru$^{+}$}, \sout{\ce{Ti$^{4+}$}}, \ce{Si}, \ce{Eu}, \sout{\ce{O$^{2-}$}}, \ce{Cr}
\begin{Exercise}[label={ex:elektronenkonfigurationen2}, title={Elektronenkonfigurationen 2}]
......@@ -629,7 +629,7 @@ Sind die folgenden Verbindungen Moleküle oder Salze?
\item \ce{OF2}
\item \ce{CaF2}
\item \ce{CF4}
\item \ce{SiF4}
\item \ce{SiCl4}
\item \ce{MgO}
\item \ce{NaF}
\item \ce{O2}
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