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Instructions to run the OPTIM example
1) If you have Ubuntu or a Virtual Machine with Ubuntu, try your luck with the OPTIM executable:
a) Install gfortran: > sudo apt-get install gfortran
b) Run OPTIM: > ./OPTIM
2) If 1) fails, or are running in another architecture, install OPTIM from source:
a) Download the source from here:
b) Extract the tar: > bzip2 -d svn.tar.bz2 ; tar xvf svn.tar
c) Install cmake: > pip install cmake (or sudo apt-get install cmake)
d) Install gfortran: > pip install gfortran (or sudo apt-get install gfortran)
e) follow the instructions in the README in the "wales" directory created in b) by the tar extraction
f) Run OPTIM: > ./OPTIM
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