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### Compiling yourself ### Compiling yourself
These notes are compiled with and written in the `pandoc` markdown flavour. To TL;DR:
compile the pdfs yourself, install [pandoc](https://pandoc.org/) and call
`pandoc source/*md -o algebra-notes.pdf` `latexmk -pdf && latexmk -c`
Most *nix distros will have it available in the regular repositories. `pandoc` Previously, these notes were written in Markdown. As the code became more
is also available in OSX via [homebrew](https://brew.sh). For more help complex, this became more difficult to maintain. Now they are written in LaTeX.
installing see [the pandoc install guides](https://pandoc.org/installing.html). To compile the notes yourself, make sure you have LaTeX installed. Then call
There is also an [online](https://pandoc.org/try/) version that doesn't require
installing any tools.
There are many more examples and demos on the `pandoc` `latexmk -pdf`
in the base directory of this project. To clean up all auxiliary files except
the `pdf` after compilation, call
`latexmk -c`
Most distributions of LaTeX will have this compilation tool by default. This
document compiles on Linux with the following packages (with version numbers)
texinfo 6.6-1
texlive-core 2018.50036-1
texlive-fontsextra 2018.50019-1
texlive-formatsextra 2018.48634-1
texlive-latexextra 2018.50031-1
texlive-music 2018.49818-1
texlive-science 2018.50013-1
it's unlikely that all of these are needed, but these are the ones installed on
my machine.
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