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### Compiling yourself
These notes are compiled with and written in the `pandoc` markdown flavour. To
compile the pdfs yourself, install [pandoc](https://pandoc.org/) and call
`pandoc source/*md -o algebra-notes.pdf`
`latexmk -pdf && latexmk -c`
Most *nix distros will have it available in the regular repositories. `pandoc`
is also available in OSX via [homebrew](https://brew.sh). For more help
installing see [the pandoc install guides](https://pandoc.org/installing.html).
There is also an [online](https://pandoc.org/try/) version that doesn't require
installing any tools.
Previously, these notes were written in Markdown. As the code became more
complex, this became more difficult to maintain. Now they are written in LaTeX.
To compile the notes yourself, make sure you have LaTeX installed. Then call
There are many more examples and demos on the `pandoc`
`latexmk -pdf`
in the base directory of this project. To clean up all auxiliary files except
the `pdf` after compilation, call
`latexmk -c`
Most distributions of LaTeX will have this compilation tool by default. This
document compiles on Linux with the following packages (with version numbers)
texinfo 6.6-1
texlive-core 2018.50036-1
texlive-fontsextra 2018.50019-1
texlive-formatsextra 2018.48634-1
texlive-latexextra 2018.50031-1
texlive-music 2018.49818-1
texlive-science 2018.50013-1
it's unlikely that all of these are needed, but these are the ones installed on
my machine.
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