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## Algebra II
## Algebra I & II
***Note: I haven't got round to writing up and uploading all of my notes. This
should happen soon enough. See the*** `draft` ***branch for more up to date
should happen soon enough.***
### Reading
*I have finally merged* `draft` *and* `master` *as* `master` *was lagging behind
so much.*
See `draft` branch for latest drafts; `master` branch is aimed at being stable,
but might lag behind. I won't be accepting PRs on the `draft` branch.
***UPDATE: The Algebra I summary should be complete with no errors. If you find
any, please let me know, or send a PR. The Algebra II notes however are still
under heavy development, with some very obvious errors and incomplete
statements. I should have this mainly fixed by the 14th of June. Until then, I
won't be accepting any PRs for Algebra II content.***
These are a set of lecture notes from Algebra II lectures held at the ETH
Zürich in the summer semester of 2019 by Prof. R. Pandharipande, written during
the semester.
### Reading
Philip Weder has kindly submitted his summary of Algebra I to be included in
this project.
These are as set of lectures notes from the second year mathematics bachelor
course "Algebra" at the ETH Zürich, read by Prof. R. Pandharipande in the
Autumn/Summer semesters of 2018/2019.
The proofs are intentionally written rather verbosely.
The Alebra II lecture notes were written by myself with the help of fellow
students. Philipp Weder kindly submitted his excellent Algebra I summary to be
included in this project.
### Disclaimer
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