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Definitions: Include document just containing definitions

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% Algebra Definitions
\chead{ETH Z\"urich - Algebra Definitions - Prof. R. Pandharipande}
% Automatically generated by
% awk '/\\begin{definition}/,/\\end{definition}/' source-I/*tex source-II/*tex > source/definitions.tex
% sed -i 's/{definition}/{nodefinition}/' source/definitions.tex
\scshape Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich\normalfont\\[2.5cm]
{\Large\bfseries Algebra I and II Definitions \\[0.4cm] }
\small Autumn Semester 2018 \\[1cm]
Definitions from Algebra I and II lectures by \textsc{Prof.~R.~Pandharipande}
written by Philipp Weder and Ryan Rueger
% \begin{flushright}
% \today
% \end{flushright}
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