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Useful data models

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from os import device_encoding
import numpy as np
from scipy import signal
import decode
DECODER = decode.ArrayLoader("data/")
class Channel:
def __init__(self, number, timings, voltage, nbins) -> None:
self.number = number
self.timings = timings
self.voltage = voltage
self.peaks = self.find_peaks()
self.matches_criteria = self.determine_if_usable()
def peak_index(self):
return self.peaks[0]
# TODO Check if the first value is the most accurate or if the index of maximum voltage is better
def peak_time(self):
return self.timings[self.peak_index]
def is_usable(self):
return self.matches_criteria
def rebin(self, nbins=3) -> None:
"""Changes self.timings and self.voltage and sort of deflates them"""
for i in range(nbins):
self.timings = (self.timings[:-1:2] + self.timings[1::2])/2
self.voltage = (self.voltage[:-1:2] + self.voltage[1::2])/2
def find_peaks(self):
peak_indices, _ = signal.find_peaks(np.abs(self.voltage), height=0.1)#, width=5)
return peak_indices
def determine_if_usable(self):
if np.min(self.voltage) >= 2 * np.mean(self.voltage):
# the peak (negative) is not at least twice as strong as the (negative average)
return False
if len(self.peaks) == 0:
return False
if len(self.peaks) > 10:
return False
return True
class Event:
def __init__(self, event_data, nbins, min_good_channels) -> None:
self.min_good_channels = min_good_channels
self.channels = []
for i in range(event_data.shape[0]): # no. of channels:
self.channels.append(Channel(i, event_data[i,:,0], event_data[i,:,1], nbins))
del event_data
self.n_channels = len(self.channels)
def is_usable(self):
good = sum([ch.is_usable for ch in self.channels])
return good >= self.min_good_channels
class Measurement:
def __init__(self, cathode_voltage, n_events, delay, nbins, min_good_channels) -> None:
self.cathode_voltage = cathode_voltage
self.delay = delay = []
loaded = DECODER.get_data(self.cathode_voltage, events=n_events, delay=self.delay)
for i in range(loaded.shape[0]): # no. of events:[i,...], nbins, min_good_channels))
del loaded
self.n_events = len(
def filter_events(self):
keep = [e for e in if e.is_usable] = keep
self.n_events = len(keep)
def get_peak_timings(self):
"""Returns an array [n_channels x n_events] with the computed time of each maximum"""
timings = np.zeros(([0].n_channels, self.n_events))
for i,e in enumerate(
for j,ch in enumerate(e.channels):
if ch.is_usable:
timings[j,i] = ch.peak_time
timings[j,i] = -1
return timings
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