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### Matlab ###
- Unzip the TAPAS archive
- Add tapas/physio/code to your matlab path
1. Unzip the TAPAS archive in your folder of choice
2. Open Matlab
3. Go to `/your/path/to/tapas/physio/code`
4. Run `tapas_physio_init()` in Matlab
### SPM ###
- Certain functionality (Batch Editor GUI, pipeline dependencies, model assessment via F-contrasts) require the installation of SPM
- Afterwards, the PhysIO Toolbox has to be registered as an SPM toolbox by copying the `physio/code` folder to `spm/toolbox/physio`
*Note*: Step (4) executes the following steps, which you could do manually as well.
- Adds the `physio/code/` folder to your Matlab path
- Adds SPM to your Matlab path (you can enter it manually, if not found)
- Links the folder `physio/code/` to `/your/path/to/SPM/toolbox/PhysIO`,
if the PhysIO code is not already there.
Only the first point is necessary for using PhysIO standalone with Matlab.
The other two points enable PhysIO's SPM integration, i.e., certain functionality
(Batch Editor GUI, pipeline dependencies, model assessment via F-contrasts).
Getting Started
...following the installation, you can try out an example:
1. Download the toolbox example repository `physio-examples` from our [website](
2. Run `example_main_ECG3T.m` in subdirectory `Philips/ECG3T`
3. See subdirectory `physio/docs` and the next two section of this document for help.
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