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......@@ -4,24 +4,31 @@ RELEASE INFORMATION
Current Release
*Current version: PhysIO Toolbox Release R2021a, v8.0.1*
*Current version: PhysIO Toolbox Release R2022a, v8.1.0*
June 16th, 2021
April 5th, 2022
SCHEDULED Minor Release Notes (v8.1.0)
Minor Release Notes (v8.1.0)
### Added
- Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) export format (`.tsv.gz`, `.json`) to save raw physiological recordings after synchronization with scanner timing (internal gitlab issue #91)
- following current BIDS specification on [continuous physiological recordings]( and its [metadata](
- single tab-separated values file with columns for cardiac and respiratory recordings
- if sampling frequencies of the two differ, upsampling to higher frequency is performed
- Compatibility of whole code base with Matlab compiler in order to run `spm_make_standalone`
- provides oppurtunity to run SPM Batch Editor GUI version of PhysIO without Matlab license requirement
- compiled version readily available within [Neurodesk](
- BIDS Read-in for separate cardiac/respiratory trace files (e.g., due to different sampling frequencies)
- see GitHub Issue #164 and pull request #167 by @alexsayal
- Additional unit tests for new read-in and example data
### Changed
- Switch for certain toolbox functions (e.g., `imtool`) to only run in
non-compiled code
### Fixed
- Documentation (function headers, see Github issue #149)
- Typos in unused function (spotted in compilation)
- Synchronization SIEMENS AcquisitionLog / Physiological files (see Github issue #172)
- better visualization of sync, clearer error messages if dummy scans not found
Bugfix Release Notes (v8.0.1)
......@@ -4,15 +4,15 @@ Kasper, L., Bollmann, S., Diaconescu, A.O., Hutton, C., Heinzle, J.,
Iglesias, S., Hauser, T.U., Sebold, M., Manjaly, Z.-M., Pruessmann, K.P.,
Stephan, K.E., 2017. The PhysIO Toolbox for Modeling Physiological Noise
in fMRI Data.
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 276, 5672.
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 276, 56-72.
Please also cite the parent software collection TAPAS:
Frässle, S., Aponte, E.A., Bollmann, S., Brodersen, K.H., Do, C.T., Harrison, O.K.,
Fraessle, S., Aponte, E.A., Bollmann, S., Brodersen, K.H., Do, C.T., Harrison, O.K.,
Harrison, S.J., Heinzle, J., Iglesias, S., Kasper, L., Lomakina, E.I., Mathys, C.,
Müller-Schrader, M., Pereira, I., Petzschner, F.H., Raman, S., Schöbi, D.,
Mueller-Schrader, M., Pereira, I., Petzschner, F.H., Raman, S., Schoebi, D.,
Toussaint, B., Weber, L.A., Yao, Y., Stephan, K.E., 2021.
TAPAS: an open-source software package for Translational Neuromodeling and Computational Psychiatry.
Frontiers in Psychiatry 12, 857.
TAPAS PhysIO Toolbox
*Current version: Release 2021a, v8.0.1*
*Current version: Release 2022a, v8.1.0*
> Copyright (C) 2012-2021
> Copyright (C) 2012-2022
> Lars Kasper
> <>
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