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Lecture 12, solutions 8 and 9, exercise 10

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"""Simple example to find the ground state of the XXZ model with DMRG
.. todo :
# Copyright 2018 TeNPy Developers
import numpy as np
import time
from tenpy.models.spins import SpinChain
from tenpy.networks.mps import MPS
from tenpy.algorithms.dmrg import run as run_DMRG
def run_groundstate_xxz(L=30, Jz=1., hz=0., conserve='best', chi_max=50, Jz_init=None):
model_params = dict(
L=L, Jx=1., Jy=1., Jz=Jz, hz=hz, bc_MPS='finite', conserve='best', verbose=1)
result = {}
M = SpinChain(model_params)
result['model'] = 'SpinChain'
result['model_params'] = model_params
result['sites'] = np.arange(L)
result['bonds'] = np.arange(L - 1) + 0.5
psi = MPS.from_product_state(, (["up", "down"] * L)[:L])
dmrg_params = {
'trunc_params': {
'chi_max': chi_max,
'svd_min': 1.e-10,
'trunc_cut': None
'mixer': True,
'verbose': 1
if Jz_init:
# run first time with small hx to break the symmetry
model_params_Jz = model_params.copy()
model_params_Jz['Jz'] = Jz_init
M_Jz = SpinChain(model_params_Jz)
dmrg_params['start_env'] = 10,
run_DMRG(psi, M_Jz, dmrg_params)
# run simulation
t0 = time.time()
info = run_DMRG(psi, M, dmrg_params)
print("DMRG finished after", time.time() - t0, "s")
# save results in output file
result['chi'] = np.array(psi.chi)
result['S'] = np.array(psi.entanglement_entropy())
result['E'] = info['E']
result['sweeps'] = info['sweep_statistics']['sweep']
for key in ['E', 'S', 'max_trunc_err', 'max_E_trunc', 'max_chi']:
result_key = 'sweep_' + key
result[result_key] = np.array(info['sweep_statistics'][key])
return result
if __name__ == "__main__":
data = run_groundstate_xxz()
# here you can do what you need to do with the data - save it, plot it, ...
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