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generating configurations

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import numpy as np
#from collections import deque
# size of the system NxN
N = 30
# exchange coupling
# uncomment to seed random number generator
# np.random.seed(10)
# number of cluster updates to thermalize
T_therm = 1000
def initialize():
Initializes a random spin configuration on a square lattice
Random spin configuration with format NxNx2 where
return 2*np.random.randint(2, size=((N, N))) - np.ones((N,N))
def cluster_update(configuration, T):
Performs a cluster update following the Wolff algorithm.
spins : int
spin configuration, dimension is NxNx2
T : double
temperature for the probability
size of cluster build and flipped.
size = 0
visited = np.zeros((N,N))
# choose random initial spin
i,j = np.random.randint(N, size=2)
while len(cluster)>0:
i,j = cluster.pop() #next i,j in line
i_left = (i+1)%N
i_right = (i+N-1)%N
j_up = (j+1)%N
j_down = (N+j-1)%N
neighbors = [(i_left, j), (i_right, j), (i, j_up), (i, j_down)]
for neighbor in neighbors:
if visited[neighbor]==0 and configuration[neighbor] == configuration[i,j] and np.random.random()< (1-np.exp(-2*J/T)):
size += 1
return size
train_configs = []
train_labels = []
# how many temperaturs
num_T = 100
min_T = 1.0
max_T = 3.5
# how many configurations per temperature
num_conf = 100
# For no obvious reason, I pick 100 random temperatures between min_T and
# max_T.
Temps = min_T + np.random.random(num_T)*(max_T - min_T)
for i, T in enumerate(Temps):
print("create configurations for T=%.4f (%i / %i)" %(T, i+1, len(Temps)))
configuration = initialize()
csize = []
# This is really an ad-hoc solution to the 'uncorrelated configurations'
# problem, i.e., during some thermalization, I calculate average cluster
# size, then update roughly enough according to this size.
for _ in range(T_therm):
csize.append(cluster_update(configuration, T))
T_A = int(N**2 / (2*np.mean(csize))) * 2 + 1
for i in range(num_conf*T_A):
cluster_update(configuration, T)
if i%T_A == 0:
train_configs.append(np.reshape(configuration.copy(), N**2))
np.savetxt("labels_%ix%i.txt"%(N,N), train_labels, fmt='%.2e')
np.savetxt("configs_%ix%i.txt"%(N,N), train_configs, fmt='%.2e')
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