Commit 955aa86c authored by beuchatp's avatar beuchatp
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Small changes to the update web interface shell script

parent 1abe81c9
......@@ -83,11 +83,13 @@ echo ""
# REMOVE the contents of the bashscripts folder
rm -v bashscripts/*.sh
echo "Removed all the contents of the \"bashscripts\" folder"
rmdir -v bashscripts
echo "Removed the \"bashscripts\" folder"
echo ""
# Change directory to the web home
cd $wwwhome
echo "Changed directory back to $wwwhome"
# Make the img folder again
mkdir -v bashscripts
echo "Remade the \"bashscripts\" folder"
# Copy the bashscript files
cp -v $dfallhome"/bashscripts/"*.sh $wwwhome"/bashscripts/"
echo "Copied across the \"bashscripts\" folder contents"
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