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# windDrivenRainFoam
An open-source solver for wind-driven rain based on OpenFOAM
Source code for the solver code can be downloaded from [here](
The solver is tested for the following OpenFOAM versions:
* OpenFOAM-org (OpenFOAM Foundation) v6, v7, v8, v9
* OpenFOAM-com (OpenCFD-ESI) v1806
### Tutorial case
Tutorial case solves for the WDR exposure of an isolated cubic building.
<img src="" width="60%">
<br><i> Catch ratio [-] distribution on the building surfaces and the
surroundings at a rainfall intensity of 1 mm/h and a reference wind speed of 5 m/s. </i>
### Usage
You can use the tutorial for a specific OpenFOAM version by checking out the commit with corresponding tag. For example, for OpenFOAM v9:
git clone winddrivenrainfoam-tutorial
cd winddrivenrainfoam-tutorial
git checkout tags/of-org_v9.0
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