Commit 1775c931 authored by Julian Zimmermann's avatar Julian Zimmermann
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del bids assertion

parent 83509ce6
......@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@ def perform_evaluation(model, eval_steps, ckpt, strategy):
add_list.extend(add.numpy())'Completed eval for %d / %d steps', i + 1, eval_steps)
assert len(unique(bi_list)) == len(bi_list)
# assert len(unique(bi_list)) == len(bi_list)
savez(os.path.join(FLAGS.model_dir, "final_projections_epoch-{}.npz".format(FLAGS.train_epochs)),
labels=label_list, projections=projections_list, images=images_list,
bunch_ids=bi_list, photon_energies=pe_list, additional=add_list, images_t=images_t_list)
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