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## How to start?
To make your life simpler, we give to each of you access to one VM where all the necessary tools and software are pre-installed.
### Access your own VM
To access your VM, you willl SSH. SSH is a UNIX based command interface and protocol for securely getting access
to a remote computer. It is widely used by system administrators to control network devices
and servers remotely. An SSH client is available by default on any Linux and MAC installation
......@@ -14,12 +17,49 @@ Once you have installed a SSH client, use the following command to connect yours
ssh -p X
ssh -p X
where X = 2000 + your student number for this lecture that we have sent you by email.
For instance if you are the student 7, use the following command
ssh -p 2007
ssh -p 2007
If you cannot connect to your VM,
please report it immediately during the exercise session or in moodle. If you want to simplify
the access to your VM (optional), please use SSH key authentication, but do not change your
password. If you want to download an entire directory (e.g. the configs directory) from your
VM to the current directory of your own machine, you can use scp:
> scp -r -P X to the directory .
where X = 2000 + group number. On Windows, you can use WinSCP7 to do that. Note the
dot at the end of the command and the capitalized P.
#### VM Credentials
During the lecture, we will two types of exercises. First, we will have p4-based exercises. Then we will have exercises based on the mini-Internet (that you should know from the Communication Networks lecture).
We will use two different users for the two types of exercises. For the p4-based exercises please use the login `p4`, and for the mini-Internet-based exercises please use the login `mini_internet`.
We have sent you your password by email. It is the same for both logins. If you have not received your password please let us know immediately.
### Getting the exercises
We use this repository to provide you with all the files that you will need to solve the exercises. Use the following commands to get a local clone of the repository in your VM. For simplicity, please clone it both times; one in the `p4` user home directory and one in the `mini_internet` user home directory.
We now show how to do that for the `p4` user.
cd /home/p4/
git clone
Update local repository to get new tasks and solutions
Remember to pull this repository before every exercise session:
cd /home/p4/adv-net-2020
git pull
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