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# Adv-net-2020
# Advanced Topics in Communication Networks 2020
Advanced Topics in Communication Networks 2020
Welcome to the Advanced Topics in Communication Networks Repository!
Here you will find the weekly exercises and all the necessary material for the lecture.
## How to start?
To make your life simpler, we give access to each of you access to one VM where all the necessary tools and software are pre-installed.
To access your VM, you willl SSH. SSH is a UNIX based command interface and protocol for securely getting access
to a remote computer. It is widely used by system administrators to control network devices
and servers remotely. An SSH client is available by default on any Linux and MAC installation
through the Terminal application. For Windows user, a good and free SSH client is [PuTTY](
Once you have installed a SSH client, use the following command to connect yourself to your
ssh -p X
where X = 2000 + your student number for this lecture that we have sent you by email.
For instance if you are the student 7, use the following command
ssh -p 2007
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