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# Quality of Service
To start the topology:
sudo ./
to access a host this time you have to use:
sudo ip netns exec h1 bash
Show discs:
tc qdisc show
# The Case
In our exercise scenario, there are two hosts connected to the Internet via a single router. We will define some traffic control rules in that router such that the rate of traffic from each of these hosts is controlled and also the different services within each host is prioritized based on their characteristics.
There are five services at each host, their characteristics are as follows:
| Service Name | Requirement | Don't Care |
| VoIP | Low latency | Bandwidth |
| Zoom | Low latency, high bandwidth | ----------- |
| Netflix | High bandwidth | Latency |
| SSH | Very low latency | Bandwidth |
| Backup | ----------------- | Latency, bandwidth |
We want to design a traffic classification pipeline such that these five application have the best quality of service possible.
In our scenario, the total bandwidth available to the two hosts are restricted to 10Mbps by the ISP.
TODO (Edgar): We assign x Mbps to SSH, y Mbps to Netflix... also for y Mbps, we assign 90% to h1 and 10% to h2 blabla...
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