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......@@ -387,10 +387,12 @@ such that it does the following:
- Check if there is an existing reservation from `src` to `dst`. If yes, we
will later update this reservation instead of creating a new one. It is
important that you check this at the very beginning of `add_reservation`
before you even select the path. If the reservation exists, you should
add the `bw` of the previous reservation to the links capacity using
before you even select the path. If there is a reservation for this (src,dst)
already, we will undo the previous allocation and replace it with the new
requested bandwidth. For example, you can add the bandwidth of the previous
reservation with `add_link_capacity` before you search for a possible new
- If it's a new reservation (for the given `(src, dst)` pair), configure
the ingress switch to add the MPLS stack. As in the previous exercise, it
needs to call the action `mpls_ingress_X_hop` (where `X` is the length of
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