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Finally, you may find yourself in need of some additional dependencies.
If anything has to be installed, be sure to add this requirement to `configuration/requirements.txt`. ([What are requirement files?][reqfiles])
Only requirements from [PyPI][pypi] are allowed, i.e. requirements that you can install "normally" via `pip install <req>`.
> Please avoid installing excessive additional requirements.
> While we want to give you flexibility to program your controllers, we reserve the right to *not* install particular requirements.
> This may result in your controller not working. Please ask us if you are unsure whether you can use a requirement or not.
> Pip is a powerful tool that is capable of installing requirements from github and other sources, but you *must not* do this for this project.
> We will not install any requirement that does not come from PyPI, and using them may result in your controller not working.
## Building the topology and running scenarios
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