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update FAQ with MPLS ethertype fix

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FRRouting does not support everything you have seen during the lecture, or some features that you have seen in configuration examples for real routers. Check the [FRRouting Documentation]( to see which features are available. To save yourselves some time searching, we collect known limitations below:
- OSPF does not support LFAs (loop-free alternates).
**The routers do not forward MPLS packets although I have configured them to do so.**
In the MPLS exercise, we used `0x8848` for the ethertype, which means `MPLS multicast label switched packet`. Actually, you need to use instead the ethertype `0x8847`, which means `MPLS label switched packet`, otherwise the routers will not proces the packet. We have updated the MPLS exercise solution, but make sure to also update your P4 code.
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