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......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ git clone <THIS-REPO> infrastructure
- [Overview](#overview)
- [Configuring the network](#configuring-the-network)
- [Building the topology and running scenarios](#building-the-topology-and-running-scenarios)
- [Frequently asked questions (FAQ)](#frequently-asked-questions-faq)
## Overview
......@@ -526,4 +527,11 @@ Then with `ctrl+c` you can see the number of received packets.
python3 -i
>>> send_udp_flow("", rate="4M", duration=5, packet_size=1500, batch_size=1, tos=27)
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**How can I configure feature X from the lecture in FRRouting?**
FRRouting does not support everything you have seen during the lecture, or some features that you have seen in configuration examples for real routers. Check the [FRRouting Documentation]( to see which features are available. To safe yourselves some time searching, we collect known limitations below:
OSPF does not support LFAs (loop-free alternates).
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