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Minor changes in MySQL installation and time zone issue

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- Make sure you database user account has [full permission to the database](#grant-full-privileges-to-a-user-in-mysql-workbench)
##### Database server timezone issue
There are two ways to solve this issue: (1) using command line, but this only takes effect for the duration of the current service uptime, i.e., when the MySQL services restarts, you need to type in these commands again; (2) editing the MySQL configuration file, but the configuration file is platform-dependent, e.g., MacOS doesn't even have a default configuration file.
Here we introduce the 1st approach using command line. For the 2nd approace of editing the MySQL configuration file, see [here](
- Open command prompt and login to mysql using the command:
`mysql -u root -p`
- Enter your MySQl password for the root user, this should start mysql and you should see the prompt `mysql>`
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ DATABASE_PASSWORD
- View the database
- Install MySQL from [here]( (Version 8.0 is recommended) and MySQL Workbench from [here](
- Install [MySQL]( (Version 8.0 is recommended) and [MySQL Workbench]( For Windows, follwing [this instruction]( For MacOS, follow [this instruction](
- Connect to ETH VPN
- Connect to the database with MySQL Workbench
- Add a new MySQL connection
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