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Updated the instruction for the MySQL connector

We encourage to always download the newest connector. 
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......@@ -67,8 +67,7 @@ You could skip this section if you don't plan to run the whole Nexus-e platform
- Set up database connector
- Download the **MySQL connector** from [here](
Or, if you have access to the Nexus-e polybox, use the `` provided in the folder `02_Model/02_Model_Setup_Instruction` (**Unzip** the file before the next step).
- Download the **MySQL connector** from [here]( **Unzip** the file.
- Copy the MySQL connector folder (e.g. mysql-connector-java-8.0.18) into a folder at your preference.
We recommend to put it into the **Matlab preferences folder**, which you can find by typing in Matlab Command Window ```prefdir```.
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