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- [Get permissions](#get-permissions)
- [Local setup](#local-setup)
- [Get the codes](#get-the-codes)
- [Prepare software & license](#prepare-software-license)
- [Euler setup](#euler-setup)
#### Get permissions
Before setting up, you need permissions to access the codes and the input database. Email the following people to ask for the corresponding permissions.
|:warning:| **NOTE**: Currently, the codes are only accessble with an ETH account.
```Note:: |:warning:| Currently, the codes are only accessible with an ETH account.
- Xuejiao Han (
......@@ -28,14 +29,65 @@ Before setting up, you need permissions to access the codes and the input databa
- Florian Landis (
- permission for the **GemEl** repository
- Xuqian Yan (
- permission for the overarching **Nexus-e** repository
- permission for the overarching **Nexus-e** repository (<>)
#### Local setup
1. Get the codes
1. Prepare software & license
1. Connect with the input database
1. Run Nexus-e
Most the instructions below have been tested both on **Windows** and on **Mac**.
##### 1. Get the codes
The instructions here use **command lines**. If you have a GUI tool for git, you could use the corresponding operations in the GUI tool instead. An example using a GUI tool "GitAhead" can be found in section [Nexus-e repository instructions](nexuse_repo_instruction.html).
- Create a folder where you want to put the codes
- cd to that folder
- Clone the overarching repository with this command:
```git clone --recursive```
You will be asked for your username and password for the repository and its submodules. Input your ETH username and password.
In the end, the folder will look like this:
##### 2. Connect with the input database
##### 3. Prepare software & license
- Matlab (2018a or higher)
- Set up database connector
- Download the **MySQL connector** from [here](
Or, if you have access to the Nexus-e polybox, use the `` provided in the folder `02_Model/02_02_Model_Setup_Instruction`(**Unzip** the file before the next step).
- Copy the MySQL connector folder (e.g. mysql-connector-java-8.0.18) into a folder at your preference.
We recommend to put it into the **Matlab preferences folder**, which you can find by typing in Matlab Command Window ```prefdir```.
- Create a **javaclasspath.txt** file in the **Matlab preferences folder**.
- In the **javaclasspath.txt** file, put the path to the connector .jar file.
E.g., On Blazhe's Windows computer the path is `C:\Users\gblazhe\AppData\Roaming\MathWorks\MATLAB\R2018a\mysql-connector-java-8.0.18\mysql-connector-java-8.0.18.jar`.
- Reload Matlab
- Test whether a database connector is set up successfully. Write the following commands in Matlab (substitue `YOUR_USERNAME` and `YOUR_PASSWORD` with your credentials for the database). If the second command returns `1`, it means success.
conn = database("sys", YOUR_USERNAME, YOUR_PASSWORD, 'Vendor', 'MySQL', 'Server', "itet-psl-s02");
##### 4. Run Nexus-e
#### Euler setup
1. Join the usergroup
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