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### **Modify input data**
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Input data for Nexus-e are organized in the following two ways.
1. **Collected in one common MySQL database**
By gathering input in one common database, (1) it alignes the data used by different modules, (2) it easies the procedure to tune the parameters, and (3) the data become more transparent and have a clearer structure. Data that are collected in the database include
- data that are used by multiple modules (e.g., grid parameters)
- data that vary across scenarios (e.g., macroeconomic assumptions)
2. **Stored separately in each module**
Storing data separately saves the effort to transfer the data into/out of the database. This is especially beneficial for complex data formats, because MySQL is only suitable for table-like data formats and other small & simple data formats that can be transformed into a [BLOB]( Data that are stored separately include
- data that are only used for one module
- data that do not need to be changed frequently
- data with a complex format
Therefore, when modifying input data, you first need to figure out, where the data is stored.
- If the data is stored in the input database, contact Jared Garrison (<>). He will explain how the data is transferred from a local Excel to the MySQL database and suggest the best way to modify it.
- If the data is stored within a certain module, contact the module owner (i.e., the administrator of the module's repository).
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