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......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
- [Get permissions](#get-permissions)
- [Local setup](#local-setup)
- [Get the codes](#get-the-codes)
- [Connect with the input database](#connect-with-the-input-database)
- [Prepare software & license](#prepare-software-license)
- [Euler setup](#euler-setup)
......@@ -16,7 +17,6 @@ Before setting up, you need permissions to access the codes and the input databa
- Xuejiao Han (
- permission for the **DistIv** repository
- access to the **PSL server** for the database (server name: itet-psl-s02)
- Jared Garrison (
- permissions for the **eMark** repository
- permissions for the **Shared** repository,
......@@ -49,13 +49,41 @@ The instructions here use **command lines**. If you have a GUI tool for git, you
You will be asked for your username and password for the repository and its submodules. Input your ETH username and password.
In the end, the folder will look like this:
In the end, the folder will look like the following screenshot. Note: You might not see the hidden files whose names start with a dot. The `UserDBInfo.txt` file will be added in the sction [Connect with the input database](#connect-with-the-input-database).
##### 2. Connect with the input database
- Get access to the database
Follow the section [Get permissions](#get-permissions) to get access to the database server (PSL server: itet-psl-s02) and your username & password for the database.
- Create a `UserDBInfo.txt` file in the folder where you put the codes as shown in [Get the codes](#get-the-codes). The file should contain four lines:
An example can be found in `Shared/connectionInfoPSL.txt`.
- View the database
- Install MySQL and MySQL Workbench
- Connect to ETH VPN
- Connect to the database with MySQL Workbench
- Add a new MySQL connection
- Input connection information
- Click the button `Test Connection`. You will be asked to input your database password. Then you will see a seccess message:
|:warning:| By default, everyone has write permission to the database.
Therefore, to be safe, always make a local copy of the database before playing with it - i.e., first “Dump” it to a local folder, then import it to your personal MySQL account. These can be done in this window:
##### 3. Prepare software & license
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