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Updated the setup regarding the selection of node.

Updated the Workbench plugin documentation with potential issues.
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* Browse and select the extracted `` file in this folder
* Restart the Workbench
NOTE: If you use Windows, it is possible that after the installation of the Plugin the Workbench will not start. This has been observed with versions 8.0.24 and 8.0.25. Version 8.0.18 works well.
## Usage
An example output of the Nexus-e database can be found at [](
......@@ -341,6 +341,10 @@ The parameters in this command can be costomized. Experience with resource usage
Here we give a short explanation to the example command above:
After submission, Euler will respond by telling you what the jobID is.
After submission, Euler will respond by telling you what the jobID is.
- Consult [Nexus-e team]( if you want to run other scripts in the `Run_Nexuse` folder.
NOTE: For large memory submission, it is recommended to select EPYC_7742, for submission with smaller memory requirements either select EPYC_7742 or XeonGold_6150.
:warning: We have experienced issues with the database connector when computing node is not selected on Euler.
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