Commit 8c6d32bb authored by Emilio Depero's avatar Emilio Depero
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add best guess of angle

parent 028717d1
......@@ -51,10 +51,10 @@ do
export analfileout=$DAQOUTDIR/"analysed/Analysed_"$(basename $recofileout)
#run the reco
echo "$multiplexedfile not yet reconstructed, running reco"
$ANALEXE $recofileout $analfileout
$ANALEXE $recofileout $analfileout 45
#$ANALEXE $recofileout $analfileout
#$ANALEXE $recofileout $analfileout 45
$ANALEXE $recofileout $analfileout 90
$ANALEXE $recofileout $analfileout 135
#$ANALEXE $recofileout $analfileout 135
echo "FILE $file SCANNED"
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