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= doc
= Documentation
:lext: .adoc
Requires `asciidoctor` and `pygments.rb`.
The `uDeviceX` documentation is written in `Asciidoc` format and converted to `html`.
This operation requires link:[asciidoctor] (converter to html) and
link:[pygments.rb] (for code highlighting).
== installation
=== Mac OS X
== Mac OS X
gem install asciidoctor
gem install pygments.rb
== Arch linux
=== Arch linux
sudo pacman -S asciidoctor
gem install pygments.rb
== build
When writing documentation, it is useful to build it and view it on a
local server.
From `doc/`:
[source, sh]
./tools/start # <1>
./tools/view # <2>
./tools/stop # <3>
<1> start a local server (to be done only once)
<2> open the main page in browser from local server
<3> stop the local server
[source, sh]
./configure # <1>
make -j # <2>
<1> make dependencies (to be run after adding a file to documentation)
<2> build documentation for local server
== Deploy
The deploy command cleans, builds and pushes the documentation on github pages
[source, sh]
Supports Markdown
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