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This folder contains scripts for running RBC (in shear flow or stretching) postprocessing and producing RBC pictures.
Submitting simulations (shear flow and stretching).
Use to submit your RBC simulations. The file points.txt should be located in the same directory as The script reads parameter values from points.txt. If no value is specified, the default one is set. The names of the parameters are the same as in udx.
Postprocessing the simulations (shear flow).
1. Go to scripts/ folder and run: python --install. This will install and related files into you python path. Go back to tools/.
2. Run (see details on how to run in the script file) to create a directory structure with symbolic links to your runs.
3. Now you can run with your links directory (see details on how to run in the script file). This will launch to compute the tank-treading frequency (TTF) and save it in post.txt file in the corresponding run directory.
Visualising the results (shear flow).
1. The results of all the shear flow runs which were made so far are stored in data/post.f80.txt file. (Need to manually gather results from post.txt files).
2. scripts/ searches for data in data/post.f80.txt (you should specify all the same parameters, except for the shear flow) and computed the slope of the TTF.
3. scripts/ plots the dependence of TTF from gammaC.
Postprocessing the simulations (stretching).
1. scripts/ computes the 2 stretching diameters given the ply folder.
Visualising the results (stretching).
1. scripts/ fits the RBC diameters with a smooth curve (see RBC paper or Lina's thesis).
2. scripts/ constructs a surrogate for the smooth curve parameters (see RBC paper or Lina's thesis).
# symlincs directory generated by
for f in `find -L $d -mindepth 9 -maxdepth 9 -name 'params.txt' | sort`; do
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