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uc () { ucart . --list conf0.h conf.h; }
gp () { # uses `p' (picture) and `f' (file)
gnuplot -p <<-EOF
XS = 32; YS = 32; R = 2.5
xc = 0.5*XS; yc = 0.5*YS
xcy(t) = xc + R*sin(t)
ycy(t) = yc + R*cos(t)
unset tics
set parametric
set term jpeg
set output "$p"
set key off
set xrange [0:XS]
set yrange [0:YS]
plot "$f" u 2:3 w p pt 6,\
xcy(t), ycy(t)
for d in `uc`; do
if test ! -r "$f"; then continue; fi
echo $p
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