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Commit 1bcf81f1 authored by Sergey Litvinov's avatar Sergey Litvinov
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rm scripts

parent dc272655
# Update bibtex files
for f in dpd.bib extra.bib libraryAE.bib
$tools/jabrv.awk $tools/abbrv "$f" > "$t" &&
mv "$t" "$f"
cpd () { # works like `cp' but create a directory if it does not exist
for lst; do true; done # get last argument
mkdir -p "$lst"
cp "$@"
test -d $d || git clone $d
cpd Makefile main.tex *.cls $d
cpd tex/*.tex $d/tex
cpd tex/figures/* $d/tex/figures
cpd bib/*.bib $d/bib
cd $d
git pull &&
git add -A . &&
git commit -m "overleaf-update commit" &&
git push
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