Commit 60411b2a authored by kicici's avatar kicici

Add a deprecation note of NTHREADS

So there is this BlockProcessing.h that fortunately noone uses, which
expects a compile time NTHREADS for some reason. Added a note for
whomever gets burned with a compilation error.
parent f23a67b5
......@@ -280,7 +280,8 @@ public:
static void process(std::vector<BlockInfo>& vInfo, Processing& p, Grid& grid,
const Real t=0, const bool tensorial=false, int nGranularity = -1)
const int nSlots= (int)(NTHREADS);
// Refactor to get the # of threads automatically or as a runtime setting.
const int nSlots= (int)(NTHREADS); // <--- This should not be here!
concurrent_queue<Lab *> resources;
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