Commit 1d4d3dd2 authored by Marcus Haberland's avatar Marcus Haberland
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Added a class, which plots the results from Tamanini (2020)

parent 90ec5de6
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
folder = 'data_tamanini/'
class Tamanini:
def __init__(self,freq=10):
assert freq in [1,10,'1','10','all']
self.freq = freq
if freq == 1 or freq == '1':
label_csv = 'dashed'
ls = '--'
if freq == 10 or freq == '10':
label_csv = 'solid'
ls = '-'
if freq == 'all':
self.P = pd.read_csv(folder+'blue_'+label_csv+'.csv').to_numpy()
self.K = pd.read_csv(folder+'red_'+label_csv+'.csv').to_numpy()
self.phi = pd.read_csv(folder+'green_'+label_csv+'.csv').to_numpy()
self.Pm = np.stack([self.P[:,0],self.K[:,0],self.phi[:,0]]).mean(0)
self.tamm = np.stack([self.K[:,1],self.P[:,1],self.phi[:,1]])
plt.loglog(self.Pm,self.tamm[0,:],'r',ls=ls,label=r'Tam. $\sigma_K/K$')
plt.loglog(self.Pm,self.tamm[1,:],'b',ls=ls,label=r'Tam. $\sigma_P/P$')
plt.loglog(self.Pm,self.tamm[2,:],'g',ls=ls,label=r'Tam. $\sigma_\varphi$')
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