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## xTract
### Targeted extraction of ion chromatograms.
The software xTract[1] has been designed to extract ion chromatograms of cross-linked peptides using the xQuest/xProphet[2-4] pipeline. It uses a unique target - decoy strategy to provide statistics on the extracted ion chromatograms. For this purpose, the software mProphet[5] is used.
### xTract example chromatogram: Shown are the extracted isotopes and the summed isotopes (cyan).
The software xTract consists of multiple programs that are executed consequtively.
All necessary programs are located in the /bin directory and have a help section (execute the program with the -h flag).
*, extracts the precursor intensities from the MS2 headers and adds it to the input ID file.
*, prepares the folderstructures for the ion chromatogram extraction.
*, creates decoy peptides based on the target IDs.
*, executes the program.
*, merges the results and runs the statistical analysis of peak groups by mProphet[4].
*, generates normalization parameters using common identified peptides.
*, analyzes the extraction results and provides statistics.
### References
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