Commit de39be8c authored by Bengt Giger's avatar Bengt Giger
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Suppress messages when deleting temporary files

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......@@ -20,11 +20,4 @@ pdflatex -shell-escape $1
pdflatex -shell-escape $1
#htlatex $1 "laweb,uni-html4" " -cmozhtf"
htlatex $1 "laweb,xhtml" " -cmozhtf"
rm $1.idv
rm $1.lg
rm $1.tmp
rm $1.dvi
rm $1.4tc
rm $1.4ct
rm $1.xref
rm $1.auxlock
rm >/dev/null 2>&1 $1.idv $1.lg $1.tmp $1.dvi $1.4tc $1.4ct $1.xref $1.auxlock
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