1. 08 Feb, 2004 5 commits
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      removed old makefile files · 09c7b5f8
      prudhomm authored
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      added testsuite · dabf0846
      prudhomm authored
      testsuite/data contains some general data like meshes
      testsuite/official contains the official for LifeV that should work at all times
      testsuite/development contains development tests for the latest features
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      finally added the new life libraries layout · 24854576
      prudhomm authored
      life/lifecore core library
      life/lifemesh mesh library
      life/lifefem fem library
      more to come in the future
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      update toplevel LifeV directory · 7ac5164f
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      added configure.in script
      added life.kdevelop to use LifeV in kdevelop
      updated admin/ with aa lot of new powerful tools
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      documentation is now in doc/ · d96e2e26
      prudhomm authored
      doc/manual is the LifeV developer manual
      doc/notes contains some notes on LifeV
      doc/tex some TeX style files by me(CP)
      Christophe Prud'homme
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