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Releasing 3.8.7

parent 4d893c41
......@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ git remote add github
2- update
3- commit Version.cmake and
git commit -m"Releasing ${X_Y_Z}" Version.cmake HOWTO.release
git commit -m"Releasing ${X_Y_Z}" Version.cmake HOWTO.release lifev/core/LifeVersion.hpp
4- tag master with the tag LifeV-X.Y.Z
LifeV 3.8.7:
changes in MapEpetra:
# typedefs: should end with _Type and use uppercase for the first letter of new word, such as commPtr_Type, rather than comm_ptrtype
# Added checks on the validity of the comm pointer before using it.
# Construction of import/export outer pointers should be done at construction time, otherwise the trick of the double pointer does not work. Check example:
MapEpetra map1;
MapEpetra map2(10,0,comm);
map1 = map2;
const Epetra_Export& ex1 = map1.exporter();
const Epetra_Export& ex2 = map2.exporter();
std::cout << "&ex1 = " << &ex1 << "\n";
std::cout << "&ex2 = " << &ex2 << "\n";
# Binary operators + and | should not be method, but outside routines.
LifeV 3.8.6:
* Bug fix in operator -= of MatrixEpetra class
* fix missing std::
* Tests for exporters are now in a single source file, namely in exporterAll
* ETA is not experimental anymore
LifeV 3.8.5:
* Added VerifySolution class for easier check of result based on scalar product between solution vectors
* lighter FSI test for segregated method
* ETA (expression template assembly) is not experimental anymore
* Merged new Eletrophysiology module, cf . Experimental since it compiles only with c++11
* fixed several std:: namespaces
* Enhanced import/export in tests, including export of P2 fields
* Bugfix of operator-= in MatrixEpetra class
......@@ -14,6 +57,7 @@ LifeV 3.8.5:
* Fixed dependicies of Navier-Stokes example to ETA
* ETA is now in production
LifeV 3.8.4:
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
#if !defined(LIFEV_VERSION)
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