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== OUT OF DATE as of 9.03.2012 ==
For configuring and building LifeV with CMake the following variables are of importance
(provide them as arguments to the cmake command -D VARIABLE_NAME:VARIABLE_TYPE=VALUE):
LifeV : A Finite Element Library
* CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER (STRING) - set this to the desired C++ compiler (g++, c++, mpicxx, mpixlcxx etc.)
By default, this is set to "mpicxx"
* CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS (STRING) - provide a string containing additional compiler flags (this variable
can be used to override the default settings, like optimization level, of the build type
* CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE (STRING) - set this to Debug ( -Wall -g) or Release (-O2).
By default, this is set to "Debug"
* Website
* LIFE_EXTRA_LINK_LINE (STRING) - use this to specify flags for the linker or append additional libraries
to the link line contains lots of useful information about LifeV.
You are strongly encouraged to use the site and eventually participate
to its development.
* CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX (PATH) - set this to the desired install location for LifeV
* Installations Tips
Third party library dependencies:
See INSTALL for intructions on how to use configure.
* ParMETIS (required) - if it is installed in a non-standard location, you will need to set
PARMETIS_ROOT (PATH) to the appropriate location
LifeV uses Aztec as the linear algebra library. You will need to
install it and configure LifeV with aztec:
* MPI - if you plan on using the MPI wrappers (mpicxx, mpixlcxx etc.), then you need to set
LIFE_USE_MPI_WRAPPER (BOOL), and no additional information is required about the MPI installation.
Otherwise, the scripts will try to determine the location of MPI headers and libraries.
In case of a non standard installation, please provide the location of MPI through the
configure --with-aztec=<path to prefix directory of aztec installation>
* Trilinos (required) - if the Trilinos libraries aren't installed in a standard location,
please set Trilinos_ROOT (PATH) to point to the installation
See the section 1.4 of the LifeV book [1] for more information about
compiling LifeV.
* UMFPACK (optional) - if planning to compile LifeV with UMFPACK support, please set LIFE_USE_UMFPACK
(BOOL) to TRUE. In the event of a non standard UMFPACK installation, please provide a hint
through UMFPACK_ROOT (PATH). Please note that the scripts expect that both UMFPACK, UFConfig and
AMD are installed in the "include" and "lib" subdirectories of UMFPACK_ROOT.
[1] file: doc/manual/manual.tex
* LAPACK and BLAS (required) - in the case of non-standard location and name for the LAPACK and BLAS
libraries, they can be specified through the LAPACK_LIBRARIES (STRING) and BLAS_LIBRARIES (STRING)
* Testing Framework
* Boost (required) - in the case of a non-standard Boost installation, please provide it's location
through the BOOST_ROOT (PATH) variable
LifeV uses AutoTest testing framework from Autoconf.
See testsuite/README for more details.
* HDF5 (optional) - the HDF5 support in LifeV can be activated with LIFE_USE_HDF5 (BOOL).
Non standard paths can be provided through HDF5_ROOT (PATH)
-- Christophe Prud'homme <>, Sun Aug 29 23:28:48 2004
* QHULL (optional) - the QHULL support in LifeV is activated with LIFE_USE_QHULL (BOOL).
Non standard paths can be provided with QHULL_ROOT (PATH)
All the optional third party libraries are disabled by default.
After the configuration phase, compile the libraries with "make", tests can be compiled individually with
"make <NAME_OF_TEST>" or collectively with "make all_tests". Running the testsuite is done by issuing
The configure scripts respond to other default CMake variables. These aren't needed in most cases, but
additional information about them can be found on the official CMake website.
The collection of CMake scripts for LifeV is work in progress.
Radu Popescu, EPFL - CMCS
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