Commit ea044f41 authored by crosetto's avatar crosetto
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adding a GlobalAssemble,

modifying the convective term derivative assembling (should me moved to another class).
parent 2c200015
......@@ -345,7 +345,7 @@ void OseenShapeDerivative<Mesh, SolverType>::iterateLin( bchandler_raw_type& bch
// using the same preconditioner as for the non linear problem (the matrix changes only in the
// boundary terms).
this->M_linearSolver.setReusePreconditioner( M_reusePrecLin );
this->M_linearSolver.solveSystem( rhsFull, M_linSol, matrFull );
......@@ -652,6 +652,10 @@ OseenShapeDerivative<Mesh, SolverType>::updateShapeDerivatives( matrix_type& M_m
//source_mass2( this->M_data.density(), M_uk_loc, *M_elmat_du_convective, this->M_uFESpace.fe(), alpha );
source_press( 1.0, M_uk_loc,*elmat_dp, this->M_uFESpace.fe(), this->M_pFESpace.fe(), (ID) mmFESpace.fe().nbNode);
if(convectiveTermDerivative)//derivative of the convective term
mass_gradu(this->M_data.density(), M_uk_loc, *elmat_du_convective, this->M_uFESpace.fe());
std::cout << "source_press -> norm_inf(M_elvec_du)" << std::endl;
......@@ -679,7 +683,7 @@ OseenShapeDerivative<Mesh, SolverType>::updateShapeDerivatives( matrix_type& M_m
icomp, jcomp,
icomp*velTotalDof, offset+jcomp*velTotalDof
if(wImplicit && elmat_du_convective.get())//assembling the derivative of the convective term
if(convectiveTermDerivative)//assembling the derivative of the convective term
assembleMatrix( M_matr,
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