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Updated AUTHORS and NEWS files for the 2.0.0 release.

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......@@ -32,7 +32,6 @@ gianmarco mengaldo
Gilles Fourestey
Gwenol Grandperrin
Jean Bonnemain
Julian Tercero Becerra Sagredo
laura cattaneo
Laura Iapichino
Lorenzo Tamellini
......@@ -78,5 +77,6 @@ M. Prosi
V. Martin
A. Gauthier
D. Mastalli
J. Tercero Becerra Sagredo
And of Course INRIA (REO).
# -*- readme-debian -*-
LifeV 2.0.0:
* Major release, the source code has been refactored in order to follow the naming and coding guidelines. Please consult the updated doxygen documentation for the new class and method names.
* This version of LifeV includes zero based numbering for all entities (user defined functions, boundary conditions, mesh entities etc.)
The following is some advice for porting applications to the new numbering scheme:
In most cases, only a few things need to be changed when moving an application from one-based to zero-based numbering:
1. user defined functions: now the component index (ic) starts from zero.
2. adding boundary conditions: if you use "Component" mode, make sure that the component vector starts from zero.
3. Loops, in particular the loop over mesh elements (volumes) start from zero.
4. localToGlobal(...) function must be replaced with localToGlobalMap(..), which has zero-based entities both in input and output.
If, after these changes, there are +1 or -1 here and there in the code, it is likely (but there are many exceptions) that there is something wrong.
LifeV 1.2.3:
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